Where to Find Bottles of Knightly Crimson at Fort Crumpet in Fortnite

Photo by Epic Games

With every new season comes a new Battle Pass, and Chapter 2 Season 8’s pass introduces a special skin for all who purchase it: Toona Fish. It’s a customizable skin that players can change to their liking, but the colors must be unlocked through bottle gathering challenges. Here is where you can find bottles of Knightly Crimson at Fort Crumpet.

Continuing the customizable tradition that Kymera began in the prior season, the Toona Fish skin can be customized with many different colors, making many different cool styles. Players must purchase the Season 8 Battle Pass to unlock the skin, and they still must collect color bottles and rainbow ink to unlock the different colors and styles available for the fish.

Where to Find Bottles of Knightly Crimson at Fort Crumpet in Fortnite

Bottles of Knightly Crimson can be found at the Fort Crumpet location on the map, which isn’t a major location marked on the map. The POI can be found northwest of Believer Beach and southwest of Coral Castle, situated on a peninsula facing the sea. It’s a landmark defined by an old, dilapidated castle, where players will receive a pop-up saying they’ve arrived and some XP if the location was visited for the first time.

The bottles themselves look like little jars with red in them, and are found in three locations in the area:

  • #1 is found on the eastern entry of the fort, near a barrier of red rope. 
  • #2 is found on the south side in one of the entry walkways.
  • #3 is found at the top of the tall tower in the middle. It’s on the outside.

When all three have been acquired, players are now able to use this shade of red on their Toona Fish skin. Remember that to unlock other colors, bottles of each respective color must be found on the map elsewhere.

Bottles of various colors can now be found on the map in Season 8, but only after the Battle Pass has been purchased.