Where to Find Bristlebacks in Horizon Forbidden West

Image courtesy of Guerilla Games / Screenshot: @ChiefingIsRude

To find Brinstlebacks in Horizon Forbidden West, players must first venture to The Daunt and pick up the quest there. The Bristlebacks is a two-part side quest, which starts as a part of the To the Brink questline. Take note, players must complete both The Embassy and the Death's Door quest lines before the Bristlebacks quest can be accepted.

After speaking with Ulvund and Javad in Chainscrape, players should head to the quarries to the southwest of the town. Players will come upon a mine, Split Craig, where an opening to the mine can be found. Enter the mine and traverse the caves by following the mine shaft tracks, where you will come upon a cavern, home to the Acid Bristlebacks.

FranciRoosters recommends keeping your distance from the Bristlebacks and defeating them using your Bow.

Where to Find Bristlebacks in Horizon Forbidden West

The second part of the Bristlebacks quest will have players travel to the Deadfalls. After players conquer the Rebels and their minions, a short cutscene will play where Bristlebacks will be shown below in a cavern. From there, defeat the Bristlebacks in the same way as the first part of the quest - maintain distance and utilize your bow.

Bristlebacks are also great ways to farm Bristleback Tusks, Piercing Spikes, and Metal Bones. For players looking to farm these creatures for their dropped materials, here's what you need to know.

Bristleback Tusks can be used to upgrade weapons, Piercing Spikes can be used to craft armor-penetrating ammunition and Metal Bones can be used to craft numerous items. Certain Bristlebacks are found at various points around the map, refer to IGN's interactive map for specific coordinates.