Where to Find Bulma in Fortnite

Image Courtesy of Epic Games

Bulma joins the roster of familiar Dragon Ball characters in Fortnite in more ways than one. Here are all the different ways you can find her.

What would a Dragon Ball x Fortnite collaboration be without the beloved Bulma? From her first appearance in the legendary anime and manga series as Goku's first friend, to her progression as a genius scientist and ultimately the wife of Vegeta and mother of Trunks. Bulma is as essential to the series as chests are to Fortnite, although probably not as widespread on the Island.

Where to Find Bulma in Fortnite

Bulma is portrayed in several forms throughout the mashup between Dragon Ball and Fortnite. Her likeness is one of four from the series to be used as an outfit alongside those of Goku, Vegeta, and Beerus. The Bulma skin features her signature blue bob cut with a white t-shirt and red neckerchief. As an alternate, the Bulma skin includes an additional Lab Coat style.

The Bulma outfit is available alone in the item shop, or as a part of the Vegeta & Bulma Bundle.

Bulma also appears as an NPC inhabitant at Kame house on a small island off the coast of the mainland. There, she offers players the Kamehameha energy attack as well as the Nimbus cloud, in exchange for gold bars.