Where to Find Campfires in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3: Campfire Locations Revealed

Image courtesy of Epic Games

Looking for Campfires in Fortnite as part of the latest Dragon Ball quests? Here's where to find them.

Fortnite's Dragon Ball crossover has predictably taken the internet by storm. We've all seen the clips of Goku and Vegeta doing enough Fortnite dances to make us sit there with our head in our hands. As part of the crossover, players can collect the seven Dragon Balls by doing a variety of quests in the hopes of earning a free Shenron Glider.

With the full seven sets of quests having now been fully revealed, the last batch is centered all around recovery. One quest in particular tasks players with recovering 50 health points at a campfire. Sounds easy enough, but where exatly are the Campfires in Chapter 3 Season 3?

Where to Find Campfires in Fortnite

Campfires located near Reality Falls.
Campfires located near Reality Falls. / Image courtesy of Fortnite.gg

The good news is that Campfires are still abundant in Chapter 3 Season 3, and can be found all over the Island. Almost every major POI will have at least one somehwere around. If you're looking for specifics, a great place to head to is around Reality Falls.

Hidden in the cluster of purple trees and giant mushrooms are a few Campfires. One can even be found slightly to the northwest of the Reality Tree.

Campfires located near Sanctuary.
Campfires located near Sanctuary. / Image courtesy of Fortnite.gg

Players can also find a selection of Campfires to both the north and south of Sanctuary.

The main challenge is to lose enough health, without being in too much danger, and then heal up by a Campfire. To do this safely, try jumping from a large hill and subjecting yourself to a bit of fall damage near a Campfire. You only need to lose 50 health points.

Be sure to bring a supply of wood, too, in case the Campfire goes out before you've healed up enough.