Where to Find CB Radios in Fortnite

Finding the CB radios may give players hints about how Chapter 7 will unfold.
Finding the CB radios may give players hints about how Chapter 7 will unfold. / Photo by Epic Games

Finding CB radios in Fortnite is part of a Foreshadowing Quest, and players have been looking everywhere to find all five of them. Ahead of Chapter 7, Fortnite has been teasing some intergalactic, with damaged telescopes, downed helicopters, and now radio signals. For players eager to dive in, and uncover what mysteries have been hidden deep down, here's where you can find those CB radios.

Where to Find CB Radios in Fortnite

There's a grand total of five CB radios that players will have to find, and they're scattered across the island, mainly situated near the edges of the map. All players have to do is interact with the radios and they'll play their message, so the difficult part of this quest is simply finding the CB radios. Here's a detailed list of where they're located:

1. Steamy Stacks

There's a CB radio northeast of Steamy Stacks, located right by a shipping container near the beach.

2. Craggy Cliffs

West of Craggy Cliffs, there's a radio tower that players should be able to see. Around that area is a shed, and on nearby table, the CB radio is waiting.

3. Stealthy Stronghold

North of Stealthy Stronghold, you should see a little shed with a great view of the lighthouse. Under the supports of the shed, lies the CB radio.

4. Slurpy Swamp

There's a small island west of Slurpy Swamp, once again situated near some shipping containers. There, you'll find the fourth CB radio.

5. Misty Meadows

Way south of Misty Meadows is the dance lodge in the mountain area towards the southside of the map. Under the stairs on the backside of the cabin, players can listen to the final CB radio's message.

Finding all five CB radios will net players 24,000 XP, but that isn't the coolest part of this quest. Some players speculate that the messages played on the CB radio could be clues as to what Chapter 7 has in store for the Fortnite community.