Where to Find Cherrim in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Photo by The Pokemon Company

Cherrim is a grass-type Pokemon, but you won't be able to find this Pokemon just from encountering them in the wild. Here's where to find Cherrim in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Where to Find Cherrim in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Cherrim and its base form, Cherubi, can be found from shaking trees in locations like The Heartwood in Obsidian Fieldlands, Crimson Mirelands, and Coronet Highlands. It may be more likely that you find a Cherubi. In that case, you can easily evolve a Cherubi into a Cherrim.

Cherubi can be evolved into Cherrim at level 25. After evolving, Cherubi is one of few non-legendary Pokemon to have a forme change. When exposed to sunlight, Cherrim will change into its Sunshine forme. When the weather changes, Cherrim will return to its Overcast form.

In these fields, you may see a tree that makes noise and shakes. Players can throw out a Pokemon of their own at the base of the shaking tree and the Pokemon will shake the tree and assist in releasing the Cherubi from the tree.

Players can choose to capture it at full health or use the Pokemon that had assisted them in weakening the Pokemon before capturing.