Where to Find Chickens in Fortnite

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Finding chickens in Fortnite allow players to complete a weekly challenge.

After the new update to Fortnite, many gamers have been wondering where to find chickens in Fortnite. In this new primal theme season of Fortnite, there have been new animal additions including wolves, raptors, and chickens. While the chickens can’t protect you like the other animals can, they do allow you to fly around the map.

Here is your guide to finding chickens around the Fortnite map.

Where to Find Chickens in Fortnite

Much like the other animals, the chickens have no set location. However, they can be typically found in the farm areas such as Colossal Crops and Steel Farms. While here, if you don’t see them, you might be able to hear them instead. They cluck when you are close to them so keep your ears open.

Once you find your chicken, you can fly with them. All you need to do is get close enough to grab them. This is a bit tricky as they tend to run, but if you sneak up on them or trap them next to a wall then you can grab them. Once you have them, all you need to do is jump and you will automatically fly. You can jump off mountains or buildings and land safely if you have one of them.

Chickens can be useful if you can find them. Go head to your nearest farm and see if you can catch one!