Where to Find Clementine's Notebook in Stray

Courtesy of BlueTwelve Studio

Stray's world of high tech but fundamentally dirty futurism is full of secrets to discover and items to collect. Among those collectible items are the notebooks of four robots sympathetic to our hero cat's quest to escape the city. Momo, Doc, Zbaltazar and Clementine make up a group that calls itself the Outsiders, and they're as dead set on making it to the outside as our cat protagonist.

Over time, these robots have amassed plenty of knowledge about how to go about this daring escape, and they've poured it all into their notebooks. But if you want to read the knowledge these notebooks have to offer, you'll have to find them. Here's where to find Clementine's.

How to Find Clementine's Notebook in Stray

Starting at Momo's apartment, head outside and B-12 will point out the Outsider logo on a nearby wall. This logo appears near each of the apartments of the Outsider members. In fact, this very logo denotes Clementine's apartment. Ride the nearby zip line bucket and make your way across the roofs to get into Clementine's apartment via window.

Walk over to the back of the apartment, through the broken glass doors and into the tiny office room on the left. You'll find Clementine's notebook to the left of the glowing computer monitor, on top of a dormant monitor.