Where to Find Color Bottles and Rainbow Ink in Fortnite

Photo by Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 has officially launched, and with it a new character design to Fortnite. Toona Fish is an unlockable character that starts uncolored and allows you to paint him as you progress in the game.

To color in Toona Fish, you have to collect color bottles and rainbow ink. Rainbow ink can be found inside chests while you play the game, They can be found in any chest across the map, including cosmic chests which are only found by playing with at least one other person. It takes 10 rainbow ink to unlock a new color style for Toona Fish.

Where to Find Color Bottles and Rainbow Ink in Fortnite

The other way to color in Toona Fish is with color bottles. Finding color bottles is a bit easier because their locations are noted inside the client. Just click on a character style that you like in the Toona Fish menu and it should tell you where to find it's corresponding color bottles in the game.

Gathering these new resources will let you slowly paint your Toona Fish the way you want. The new character design seems like a nice addition to the traditional Fortnite character. Don't forget to unlock Toona Fish first before you go searching for rainbow ink and color bottles.