Where to Find Dual Pistols in Fortnite

The Dual Pistols can be a challenge to find for players
The Dual Pistols can be a challenge to find for players / Photo by Epic Games

Looking to find where the Dual Pistols are in Fortnite? One of the Week 11 legendary quests calls for players to deal damage using Dual Pistols, and with many struggling to acquire the weapon, it's safe to say that this is indeed a legendary quest. For those seeking to clear the quest, look no further than our guide on finding those elusive Dual Pistols.

Where to Find Dual Pistols in Fortnite

Being classified as rare and epic, Dual Pistols are far more difficult to find than some of the other weapons in the game. Unfortunately, it seems players will have to rely on luck when finding the Dual Pistols and hope that a chest is gracious enough to provide the player the weapon they're looking for. Having patience, and continually scouring the map for locations that have multiple chests close by is simply the strategy that most players will have to go by.

Another method, albeit more costly, is choosing to purchase the Hop Rock Dualies from Gutbomb, located at Durr Burger, for 500 gold bars. From there, players can continue on and dual Gutbomb, thereby doing damage with the Dual Pistols and completing the legendary quest. Of course, some players may be reticent about spending their bars like this, but it's certainly faster than traversing the map, and hoping that the next chest will drop Dual Pistols.