Where to Find Fanghorns in Horizon Forbidden West

Image courtesy of Guerrilla Games

Players are looking for where to find Fanghorns in Horizon Forbidden West.

The Fanghorn is one of the many monsters that can be fought in this action role-playing game. It's classified as an acquisition and lightweight type. This herd machine has unique characteristics such as its ability to dissolve natural resources to convert to biofuel. Its horns can also clap shut with tremendous force and shoot fire attacks over long distances.

Now that gamers know what the Fanghorn is, here's where to find it.

Where to Find Fanghorns in Horizon Forbidden West

The Fanghorn will be hanging out not too far from Chainscrape in Horizon Forbidden West. It will put up a tough fight so be wary of its attacks.

Keep in mind that this machine is weak against Frost Damage while it's strong against Fire Damage. The best way to deal with it is by trying to shoot off the antlers first. This will cause the machine to shoot fire back, so dodging is essential in order to win. Next, targeting the cylinders on its back would be ideal as it deals the most damage, enabling players to take the Fanghorn down quickly.

With the right amount of skill and luck, gamers will be able to get their hands on fantastic loot such as a Fanghorn Circulator, an Apex Fanghorn Heart, Purgewater, a Fanghorn Antler, and more.