Where to Find Food in Core Keeper

We've compiled a guide for Core Keeper players on where to find food.
We've compiled a guide for Core Keeper players on where to find food. / Pugstorm, Fireshine Games

We've compiled a guide for Core Keeper players on where to find food.

Food in Core Keeper is much like it is in any other survival and/or crafting-esque games. There are two types of food in-game: items found through foraging and food made by cooking.

Foraged food can be found throughout the world and most commonly comes in the form of berries, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, animal products, and so on. These can either be picked up from bushes or other foliage spread across the world or harvested from player farms.

Cooked food often requires a specific station or item. In the case of Core Keeper, this is the Cooking Pot. Players need to combine several ingredients in order to create cooked food which often varies in complexity.

Here's where players can find Food in Core Keeper.

Where to Find Food in Core Keeper

For now, we'll keep this to Food as ingredients or standalone items. We've broken these into their respective obtainable methods: fishing, farming, foraging, or slaying.


  • Azure Feather Fish — Azeos' Wilderness
  • Astral Jelly — Azeos' Wilderness
  • Black Sea Urchin — Mold Dungeon
  • Blue Cave Guppy — Dirt Cave
  • Crown Squid — Forgotten Ruins
  • Dagger Fin — Forgotten Ruins
  • Devil Worm — Clay Caves
  • Emerald Feather Fish — Azeos' Wilderness
  • Gem Crab — Dirt Cave
  • Green Blister Head — Clay Caves
  • Mold Shark — Mold Dungeon
  • Orange Cave Guppy — Dirt Cave
  • Pink Palace Fish — Forgotten Ruins
  • Rock Jaw — Dirt Cave
  • Rot Fish — Mold Dungeon
  • Spirit Veil — Azeos' Wilderness
  • Teal Palace Fish — Forgotten Ruins
  • Vampire Eel — Clay Caves
  • Yellow Blister Head — Clay Caves


  • Carrock
  • Golden Carrock
  • Puffungi
  • Golden Puffungi
  • Glow Tulip
  • Golden Glow Tulip
  • Bomb Pepper
  • Golden Bomb Pepper


  • Amber Larva — Forgotten Ruins
  • Caveling Bread — Forgotten Ruins
  • Heart Berry — Dirt Caves
  • Golden Heart Berry — Dirt Caves
  • Mushroom — Clay Caves
  • Giant Mushroom — Clay Caves


  • Larva Meat — Larva, Big Larva
  • Golden Larva Meat —Ghorm the Devourer

Core Keeper is available via Steam for Microsoft Windows and Linux devices. It is currently in Early Access.