Where to Find Ghost-Type Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Where to find Ghost type Pokemon GO is not for the faint of heart
Where to find Ghost type Pokemon GO is not for the faint of heart / Niantic Labs

Where to find ghost types in Pokemon GO is all the rage for trainers looking to encounter some of the most elusive Pokemon in the game.

Ghost types are so rare they weren't even readily available to players in the first main series games. You would need to journey and found a specific piece of equipment, the Silph Scope, just to see and be able to catch them in Lavender Town. These Pokemon don't play around. Trainers should be prepared to spend some odd hours around if they want to add a ghoulish friend to their team.

Here's where to find ghost types in Pokemon GO.

Where to find Ghost Type Pokemon GO

It may not be surprising that ghost types, like other special types, have specific conditions that must be met in order to be found. Similar to how water types are typically only found near water, ghost types can exclusively be found at night.

You typically won't run into a Gengar or Ghastly on a bright sunny afternoon. Begin your search at 8 p.m. to maximize your chances of catching some. They typically peak in spawn rate about 2 a.m. If you'd like to wake up early to do some ghost hunting, you'll need to out and about before 8 a.m.—when they stop showing up.

There is no terrain criteria for ghost types. They're as likely to spawn in a field as they are in the heart of a major city. The real key factor is the timing.

If you don't feel particularly safe about wandering your neighborhood during the wee hours of the morning there are other options. Some trainers have reported sightings during particularly foggy weather. You may also want to try your hand at raids or Team Rocket Stops, instead.