Where to Find Golden Keycards and Unlock Bunkers in Warzone Season 4

Image courtesy of Activision

Bunkers have made their way back into Warzone on Caldera, but gaining access to them requires the use of Golden Keycards. Here's how to find them and claim the loot from inside.

Gaining the upper hand in Warzone, no matter how, can mean the difference between victory and a swift trip to the Gulag. Luckily, there's plenty of ways to ensure you're well equipped for battle. Bunkers are a popular way to get your hands on some supplies and, thankfully, they've made a return to Caldera in Warzone Season 4.

Inside, players will find caches of high-level loot and plenty of cash. The only problem is the Bunkers are locked, requiring a Golden Keycard to get inside. Here's how to find one.

Where to Find Golden Keycards in Warzone Season 4

There are seven Bunkers on Caldera right now, each one requiring their own keycard. The good news is that a Golden Kaycard shouldn't be too far from the Bunker or the POI it's close to. Here are all of the Bunkers, and which POIs they're nearest to:

  • To the east of Power Plant
  • Southeast of Lagoon
  • North of Fields
  • To the northwest of Resort
  • To the south of Docks
  • South of Runway
  • In the middle point, between Digsite and Mines

There are no exact locations where a Golden Keycard will spawn, but there are certain ways to obtain one. These are:

  • As Rare drops from loot boxes
  • Completing Contracts
  • Looting them from the bodies of enemies that already had one

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