Where to Find Golden Loot on Olympus in Apex Legends

Rare Loot Locations on Apex Legends Olympus
Rare Loot Locations on Apex Legends Olympus / Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Olympus, the latest map in Apex Legends is action-packed and difficult right from the start. How do you get yourself ahead in the game? By acquiring the best loot of course! Olympus has a few locations where gold items can drop frequently.

The most likely location by far and away is the Velvet Oasis. Oasis is on the western side of the map, below Carrier and above Estates. Checking around the cafes is a player's best bet at finding gold loot. Oasis is dangerous to check since the drop is highly contested and is on the outskirts of the map. However, the risk is worth the reward.

There are other locations that have higher chances of dropping rare loot. One such place is Elysium. Elysium is the most western location on the map, located just north of Hydroponics. Elysium is a small vessel, disjointed from the rest of the map. This means that it's not likely for this drop zone to be very contested. However, rotating to the circle from the outskirts won't be as easy as it is in Oasis.

Another location is the Research Basin just outside of Hammond Labs. The Research Basin being very central to the map, is always highly contested. It's easy to get pinched in, especially with Hammond Labs right next door. However, players that survive their initial engagements here earn themselves a high probability of rare items.

Overall, these are the locations to check out if you want to try and start your round with rare loot!