Where to Find Helphen's Steeple in Elden Ring

Image courtesy of FromSoftware/Bandai Namco.

Gamers are unsure of where to find Helphen's Steeple in Elden Ring.

Helphen's Steeple is one of the many weapons that players can use in The Lands Between. This weapon scales primarily with Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity. It also has an ability, Ruinous Ghostflame, that sets the blade on fire. This adds magic and cold damage to the weapon's attacks for a brief amount of time.

Now that Elden Ring fans know what Helphen's Steeple is, here's where to find it.

Where to Find Helphen's Steeple in Elden Ring

To acquire Helphen's Steeple, gamers should first head over to the Giants' Mountaintop, which is on the other side of the Grand Lift of Rold. To reach this place, players will need to go to the capital city to defeat the Morgott.

Once Morgott is defeated, gamers will be tasked the medallion for the lift from Melina. From there, head out of the city using the massive door in the northeastern part of the road. Follow the cliffside to a graveyard to the northwest. This will be the place where Tibia Mariner resides.

Riding a ghostly boat, the Mariner is a hunched over skeleton in tattered clothes. It steers its vessel and tends to attack players with its hunting horn and undead skeleton creatures. Players will need to defeat this boss to be rewarded with the Helphen's Steeple.

Keep in mind that fans will not be able to get their hands on this weapon until they are relatively far into the game. Once obtained, it's a fantastic Greatsword weapon to use to defeat opponents.