Where to Find Infected Animals in Fortnite

"I draw the line at going after the island's animals."
"I draw the line at going after the island's animals." / Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Where to find Infected Animals in Fortnite is a question that many players are asking at the moment as they try to complete their Week 4 challenges in Chapter 2 Season 7.

In addition to destroying hiding places, Epic Games and Sunny have tasked players with hunting an infected animal for Week 4. Here's where to find Infected Animals in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7.

Where to Find Infected Animals in Fortnite

This challenge is super straightforward and easy to accomplish solo within one game—as long as players know where to look.

As shown by Perfect Score on YouTube, players will want to land in the vicinity of the Pleasant Park and Corny Complex POIs. Although the Infected Animals spawn in random places around the Battle Island, it seems they are usually found around here.

Once you find an Infected Animal running around, be sure to shoot and actually hit the animal and not the Alien Parasite. Otherwise, it might not count for the challenge.

If you're struggling to find an Infected Animal, there is a way to make one yourself.

First, get yourself infected by an Alien Parasite and then carry a chicken into pretty deep body of water. The Alien Parasite will then detach itself from you and take its place on the chicken instead.

Once you have hunted an Infected Animal, another 30,000 experience points is in the bag for the Battle Pass.

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