Pokemon GO

Where to Find King’s Rock in Pokémon GO

Image courtesy of Niantic

The King's Rock item in Pokémon GO is one of a handful of evolutionary items that allows you to obtain a certain species of Pokémon through its use that you otherwise would not be able to obtain by just evolving it normally using candies. It was introduced in Generation II in the main series games, and works essentially the same way in Pokémon GO as it does in other games. Here's everything you need to know about the King's Rock item in Pokémon GO.

Where to Find King’s Rock in Pokémon GO

The King's Rock can be obtained in a couple different ways. There is a rare chance to obtain an evolution stone from any Poké Stop you spin, which is the most typical way to obtain the King's Rock. The second way is to obtain it through a Special Research event. There are a handful of Special Research events that give out the King's Rock as a reward, make sure to keep your eye out for it when you get a new Special Research. Finally, you can sometimes obtain it from the item reward slot when battling in the GO Battle League.

How to Get a Slowking and Politoed in Pokémon GO

Slowking and Politoed are the two Pokémon that require the King's Rock to obtain. They evolve from Slowpoke and Poliwhirl respectively, and require you to forgo evolving those Pokémon into Slowbro and Poliwrath. To get your Slowking or Politoed through evolution, navigate to the Pokémon you want to evolve, and select the evolution option that also has the King's Rock icon present as well to use the item and evolve your Pokémon.