Where to Find Lost Helmets in Fall Guys

Image courtesy of Mediatonic

Fall Guys' limited-time event has players searching for Lost Helmets in order to earn an exclusive Halo-themed reward. Here's what you need to know.

Fall Guys has ramped up their events, sending players on scavenger hunts to find special collectibles in order to unlock some exclusive rewards. The latest event, Spartan Showdown, sees Fall Guys crossover with Halo for some special Halo-themed cosmetics. To earn them, players will need to search for Lost Helmets throughout the game's rounds.

Below, we've detailed where you can find each of the Lost Helmets in Fall Guys.

Where to Find Lost Helmets in Fall Guys: All Locations Revealed

First, it's important to note that the Lost Helmets can only be found when playing the Spartan Showdown game mode. The helmets can be found in the following rounds: Dizzy Heights, Tip Toe, Gate Crash, Big Shots, and Thin Ice.

Of course, there's no guarantee that each round will appear in your match, so you'll likely need to keep playing until you end up in the right round. The Lost Helmets are pink, and look just like the traditional Spartan helmet you'll see in Halo but with little cat-like ears.

Now that you know what to look for, where can you find each of the helmets?

Where to Find the Dizzy Heights Lost Helmet in Fall Guys

In Dizzy Heights, you'll need to be on the top level of the spinning platforms. Head towards the middle of the section and you'll spot the Lost Helmet in the middle of one of the spinning platforms.

Run over to it, jump, and claim it.

Where to Find the Gate Crash Lost Helmet in Fall Guys

Grabbing the Lost Helmet in Gate Crash might be tricky, especially if you're looking to qualify. Players will need to jump through the middle gate just before the finish line. This is immediately after sliding down the pink goo.

It's best to angle yourself in the correct position before slipping down the slope, as it can be hard to redirect yourself once you get going.

Where to Find the Tip Toe Lost Helmet in Fall Guys

The Lost Helmet in Tip Toe can be a little tricky to get first time. The helmet is located underneath the sixth platform from the left, right at the beginning of the level. The tricky part here is that there's no guarantee that the platform will be false. The disappearing platforms change on each round.

If the sixth platform doesn't breakaway when you land on it, you'll need to play the round again until it does.

Where to Find the Thin Ice Lost Helmet in Fall Guys

This Lost Helmet is placed right in the middle of the arena. You'll need to stand on the spot until the ice breaks away enough to reveal the helmet.

Where to Find the Big Shots Lost Helmet in Fall Guys

Finally, in Big Shots, you'll see the Lost Helmet floating in the middle. You can either try and jump for the helmet as soon as the round starts, or let the see-saw dip to one side then ,ake a dive for the helmet.