Where to Find Nidhoggr Tooth Chip in Tribes of Midgard: Witch Saga

Norsfell/Screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs

Tribes of Midgard: Witch Saga launched on Jan. 17 as a free update across all platforms. As part of the new season, players will have new quests to complete during Saga Mode such as gathering Nidhoggr Tooth Chips.

With season 4 of Tribes of Midgard now live, players will be exploring the new Niflheim biome, complete with all of its resources and dangers. Some particularly nasty enemies include the Draugr, undead guards with a penchant for frost spears.

The new biome is also freezing cold, meaning players will need to combat the temperature drop if they're hoping to survive longer than a few minutes. But as part of the main quest in Saga Mode, and in order to go up against Hel, players will need to gather certain resources and submit them to the stranger by the bridge.

Where to Find Nidhoggr Tooth Chip in Tribes of Midgard: Witch Saga

Nidhoggr Tooth Chips can be found around Niflheim. The areas you'll need to keep an eye out for are represented by purple vine-like icons on the minimap.

These areas are usually guarded by high level Helthings and Draugr, so it's best not to go in unprepared. You'll spot a strange structure, ensnared by the dark purple vines. After defeating the surrounding enemies, you'll be able to harvest the Nidhoggr Tooth Chips from the structure.

You'll likely need to clear out a few of these structures around Niflheim to get enough Tooth Chips, after which head back to the stranger on the bridge and submit them.

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