Where to Find Port-a-Forts in Fortnite

Courtesy of Epic Games

Port-a-Forts are finally back in Fortnite after we last saw them in Chapter 2 Season 5. Port-a-Fort is a rare object that is thrown to automatically create a massive structure upon hitting the ground. The Port-a-Fort allows you to have the high ground by jumping onto the tires to reach the roof. Here are a few hints of where you can find a Port-a-Fort in Fortnite.

Where to Find a Port-a-Fort in Fortnite

Epic Games, HYPEX

You can find a Port-a-Fort in different chests such as supply drops and ground loot. The most common places you can find a Port-a-Fort are in Tilted Towers and Reality Falls. If your goal is to find a Port-a-Fort remember that you can hold multiple in your inventory!

The Port-a-Fort is also part of the seasonal quests during Season 3, which will gift you 15,000 XP if you deal damage 30 seconds after you deploy a fort. Complete your weekly challenges and use the Port-a-Fort.

There are various ways of gaining XP in Fortnite, but completing the weekly challenges can help you level up the battle pass quickly. Review the weekly challenges and quests to grind the battle pass before the season ends!