Where to Find Rabbits in Horizon Forbidden West

Courtesy of Guerilla Games / Screenshot: @MdeavorVP

Searching for rabbits in Horizon Forbidden West? Here's everything you need to know.

Rabbits can be found at various points throughout the map and are fairly easy to eliminate. They are one of the more frequent wildlife species in the game, and one of the few that can be found in different locations.

With the intricate crafting system that Horizon Forbidden West features, there are numerous items that can be used to craft and upgrade Aloy's items. Rabbits drop both Rabbit Bones and Rabbit Hide. While the bones are the more useful items, both are used to craft and upgrade Aloy's pouches and satchel.

Where to Find Rabbits in Horizon Forbidden West

While they spawn at various locations in the world, they are most common in warmer wooded areas. The best place to farm them is in the northeast part of the map around Chainscrape, and in the woods north of Plainsong. While rabbits spawn very commonly around the map, avoid the snowy north parts of the map, as they don't spawn there.

Rabbits are quite easy to kill and are big enough to not be hidden by tall grasses in the wooded areas. However, due to their size and speed, they can be tricky if not approached properly. Players should use their Focus to easily scan and eliminate them. Take note, if you come across a rabbit and startle it, it will dash away, making them very difficult to shoot.

One arrow should be all that is needed to kill a rabbit, however, tagging them can make it easier to track them if one arrow isn't enough. Finally, be aware of other rabbits while hunting as they can be seen very close to each other, and alerting them can make farming much more difficult.