Where to Find Salvaged Data in No Man’s Sky

Photo via Sean Murray

While playing No Man's Sky, many players will discover that Salvaged Data is a very integral part of the game.

No Man's Sky is a survival game set in a procedurally generated universe with 18.4 quintillion planets to explore.

Here's what we know about Salvaged Data in No Man's Sky.

Where to Find Salvaged Data in No Man’s Sky

Salvaged Data in No Man's Sky is a Constructed Technology. It can be exchanged at the Space Anomaly or Construction Research Unit for players to earn base building blueprints.

In the game, Salvaged Data is described as "The salvageable heart of some ancient technology. Unreadable in its current form. These databanks can be spent at a Construction Research Unit and used to research new Construction Blueprints."

Salvaged Data is an essential resource during gameplay of No Man's Sky and are required to make any real progress while playing and exploring.

Inside Buried Technology Modules, Salvaged Data can be found on any world but takes a bit of work from the player. Each Buried Technology Modules will reward the player with 1 to 4 Salvaged Data at a time.

Some minor settlements in game may also offer Salvaged Data as a sold good.