Where to Find Stage Killers in Vampire Survivors

Photo courtesy of Poncle Games.

There are many bullet hell games where the player must avoid an onslaught of attacks from enemies-- but what if the player could be the cause of the bullet hell instead? If that sounds appealing to you, Vampire Survivors, a casual-indie game currently in Early Access on Steam, may be worth checking out. Vampire Survivors thrusts the player into a scene of rapidly spawning enemies, and you must survive until dawn as they all rush toward you. But you're far from helpless, and you will certainly have a good time taking out waves of enemies.

Stage Killers are just one of the many enemies that will be sent in mass waves to try and take you down. But where can players find Stage Killers in Vampire Survivors?

Where to Find Stage Killers in Vampire Survivors

You can find Stage Killers in Cappella Magna, the fifth stage in Vampire Survivors. They will begin to spawn at the 21-minute mark, alongside the Colossal Eyeball boss.

Stage Killers resemble one of sixteen playable characters, and only appear as normal enemies. The health of Stage Killers is determined by the player's level.

Vampire Survivors is currently priced at $2.99 on Steam, certainly a steal for how much content the game provides at such a small cost.

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