Where to Find Storm Atronachs in Elder Scrolls Online

Image courtesy of ZeniMax Online/SarthesArai

Looking for Storm Atronachs in Elder Scrolls Online? Here's what you need to know.

Elder Scrolls Online features a number of weird and wonderful enemies for you to take down. Some you'll recognize, others you won't - which makes traversing Tamriel all that more enjoyable. Storm Atronachs are a certain type of Daedra that you might encounter on your journey.

Storm Atronachs can be tricky to take down for the unprepared. Immune to all crowd control effects, these rocky beasts are equipped with some fairly troublesome attacks. But, for whatever your reason, you might need to go actively seeking them out.

Fortunately, we've put together a list of locations where you can find Storm Atronachs in ESO.

Where to Find Storm Atronachs in Elder Scrolls Online

Standard Storm Atronachs are currently limited to a few locations:

  • Spellscar, north of Belkarth
  • Balamath, in eastern Craglorn
  • Rubble Butte, in western Bangkorai
  • Falkreath Hold, group dungeon in Craglorn
  • Encountered at Dark Anchors across the land

You might also come across a Dread Storm Atronach, a stronger and larger variant, found as bosses in Dolmens.

There are also a few unique Storm Atronachs to be found across Tamriel, these are:

  • Bitterwind, found attacking Stirk
  • Lightning Storm Atronach, found in the Aetherian Archive
  • Stormfist, found at Tempest Island
  • Storm-Slave, summoned by the Maormer to destroy Mistral
  • Zymel Etitan, found at Pelda Tarn
  • Zymel Hriz, the giant storm atronach of Coldharbour
  • Zymel Ipaezeth, found in Elinhir
  • Zymel Kruz, located at the Ancient Altar
  • Zymel Mirapharrus, found in the Storm Lair
  • Zymel Ozarus, found in the upper Craglorn overworld
  • Zymel Ozata, located inside the Mage's Staff

While the world of ESO is large, fortunately there are only so many locations where you can find a Storm Atronach, narrowing the search down significantly.

If you're looking for their fiery counterparts, check out our guide on where to find Flame Atronachs in ESO.