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Where to Find Supremo in Far Cry 6

A Supremo in Far Cry 6
A Supremo in Far Cry 6 / Credit to Ubisoft

Players will need to know where to find Supremo-Bond in Far Cry 6 in order to upgrade their Supremos.

In Far Cry 6, Supremos are backpacks that also have a special ability that has a cooldown before they can be used again. The first Supremo players earn is the Exterminador, which launches a volley of rockets towards enemies, but there are other more creative Supremos as well.

Where to Find Supremo in Far Cry 6

There are three primary ways to efficiently build a stash of Supremo-Bond: earning them through ambushes, stealing them from supply drops or finding them in Libertad chests.


There are ten different ambush opportunities scattered across Yara. Each ambush rewards the player with at least one gunpowder and at least one Supremo-Bond. Ambushes are considered the easiest and quickest way to find Supremo-Bonds because of how lightly they are guarded by enemies compared to other options for farming rare crafting materials.

Supply Drops

There are 20 supply drops that can be raided in Far Cry 6. Each supply drop will reward the player with at least one Supremo-Bond, but they can be more difficult to complete than ambushes. Supply drop challenges must be completed within an allotted amount of time, but they can be retried indefinitely if they are failed. As an added incentive, completing 10 of these challenges will earn the player the It's Raining Treasure! achievement.

Libertad Chests

Libertad chests are white and blue can drop Supremo-Bond, but they are much more likely to drop more common materials. The easiest way to find Libertad chests is to bribe soldiers into revealing their location to you.