Where to Find the Axe Talisman in Elden Ring

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Need to get your hands on the Axe Talisman in Elden Ring? Here's what you need to know.

Within the world of Elden Ring exists many Talismans. Some powerful and some crafty. Each one is designed to provide players with a useful perk that they can utilize during their journey through the Lands Between. Some are simple to get hold of, others require you to fell a boss or two. Fortunately, the Axe Talisman is one of the easier ones to get hold of.

If you're a fan of power attacks, then the Axe Talisman is the one for you, increasing the damage output of charged/power attacks by 10%.

So, where exactly can you find the Axe Talisman?

Where to Find the Axe Talisman in Elden Ring

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Good news for some players - the Axe Talisman doesn't require you to take down any bosses in order to collect it. Instead, players will need to locate a cellar underneath the Mistwood Ruins.

You'll find Mistwood Ruins between the Waypoint Ruins and Minor Erdtree in Mistwood.

The location is home to Lesser Runebears, roaming and guarding the area. They've got a hefty amount of XP, so while you won't have to face any minibosses, these creatures sure can feel like one.

Thankfully, though, that's all there is to getting the Axe Talisman. Make sure you're on your guard, or else you'll quickly find yourself reenacting The Revenant.

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