Where to Find the Chipped Blade in Core Keeper

Image courtesy of Pugstorm

Looking for the Chipped Blade in Core Keeper? Here's what you need to know.

With Core Keeper's Easter event behind us, fans are looking towards getting their hands on some powerful items. The Chipped Blade is an important item needed to craft one of the game's best weapons - the Rune Song. This Legendary weapons is built from a number of components and gives players a range of melee damage between 185-225.

In addition to its high damage output, the blade also comes with a number of perks. Players will gain +62 to their max health, +3 life with each melee hit, and a 15% chance on hit to kill any target that has lower health than you.

As part of your quest to build this impressive weapon, you'll need to get your hands on thr Chipped Blade.

Where to Find the Chipped Blade in Core Keeper

The Chipped Blade is found in a temple in the Azeos’ Wilderness. The temple you're looking for is pretty small with a number of pedestals inside. To open the temple, players will need a Glow Tulip. Equip it into your quick bar and click it when you're close to the door.

Once inside, interact with the pedestals to receive the Chipped Blade, Gold Crystal Necklace, and Recall Idol.

The Chipped Blade by itself isn't very impressive, and borderline useless. But, when combined with certain other materials, will be a key component in crafting the Rune Song.