Where to Find the Coffins in Vampire Survivor

Courtesy of poncle

Vampire Survivor's gameplay presents both challenging gameplay, and an expansive progression system, helping players to pump funds into new characters, weapons, and items.

One of the more important aspects is unlocking new characters, in order to boost your passive buffs, and gain access to newer abilities. While many can be unlocked through more traditional means, some characters can only be found through locating special coffins around various areas in the game. Here are how to find the three unlockable characters scattered around Vampire Survivor's maps.

Where to Find The Coffins in Vampire Survivor?

There are three coffins around various maps in the game, each one containing a new hero. In order to get the hero you will first have to find the coffin, then defeat the enemies surrounding it. Once defeated, the player will have to simply open the coffin and the character will jump out and join them. Once the player pays a small sum of 1000 Gold Scales, then the character will be unlocked permanently.

The coffins are located on entirely different maps, they are
1. Mad Forest: Unlocks Pugnala Provola
2. Dairy Plant: unlocks Poppea Pecorina
3. Inlaid Library: Unlocks Giovanna Grana

Unlike a lot of survival roguelike games, once unlocked these characters are yours permanently, so it's worth it to track down the often hard-to-find coffins.

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