Where to Find the Dragon's Breath Shotgun in Fortnite

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The Dragon's Breath Shotgun is back in Fortnite. Here's how to grab one in Chapter 3 Season 3.

Fortnite's latest update, v21.51, has introduced Fire with Fire Week, unvaulting a variety of fire-based weapons and themed quests. Fire with Fire Week began Wednesday and is set to run until Sept. 13. Heading back into the weapon pool are the Primal Flame Bow and Dragon’s Breath Shotgun, the latter of which is proving tricky to get hold of. Here's how to find one.

Where to Find the Dragon's Breath Shotgun in Fortnite

While perhaps not as common as the other weapons in circulation right now, the Dragon's Breath Shotgun can be found as ground loot and in Chests.

The Dragon's Breath Shotgun is key in completing one of the new Fire with Fire Quests, tasking players with using the gun to deal damage to opponents within 10 meters. Players need to deal 800 damage in total to complete the quest and earn themselves 12,000 XP.

Other quests in the event include:

  • Extinguish fires on Structures with Slurp (100)
  • Ignite Structures (50)
  • Hit an opponent with a fully drawn Primal Flame Bow (2)

It's worth noting that the Dragon's Breath Shotgun is not available in Competitive Playlists.