Where to Find the Dual Fiend Hunters in Fortnite

Image provided by Epic Games.
Image provided by Epic Games. /

Season 8 has been a particularly dangerous time for denizens of the Fortnite island, with Cube Monsters and Cube Weapons scattered around various areas. Combat them with the newly-added Dual Fiend Hunters, and here’s where they can be found.

These dual-wield crossbows are based off of a weapon featured in a previous Fortnitemares: the Fiend Hunter Crossbow. It acted similar to the normal crossbow, though it lacked a scope and had a larger magazine. The Dual Fiend Hunters are a step up from the original in terms of functionality, use, and accessibility.

Where to Find the Dual Fiend Hunters in Fortnite

Unlike the rare Fiend Hunter Crossbow of old, these dual crossbows can be found in chests and floor loot. That’s right, finding these baby bows isn’t going to be a challenge. They will appear in variants ranging from Uncommon to Legendary, and serve as great weapons to take into Sideways Areas.

A major downside of these Dual Fiend Hunters is that they will no longer have unlimited ammo. While they are excellent in eliminating Cube Monsters with their double damage, they will now require the use of Medium Ammo.  They do serve as excellent replacements for Burst Assault Rifles in the Sideways Zone though, so ammunition of them is better spent than that old AR.

Note that these weapons will not appear in competitive game modes.

Dual Fiend Hunters are now available to use in Fortnitemares.