Where to Find the Rebirth Island Blueprints in Warzone

Courtesy of Activision

When trying to last as long as possible in Warzone, a lot of the time your chances come down to what weapons you're able to grab, and how you use different guns to augment your game. Case in point, the weapon Blueprints feature in Warzone, and its numerous advantages on Rebirth Island.

Although one might scoff at the idea of going to a specific location to seek out one specific weapon, there are quite a few advantages to Blueprint weapons. For one, all Blueprint weapons are modified to where they are far better than the base weapons. They come with slick new skins to boot.

There's also a tactical benefit, where if you've picked up more close-quarters weapons like shotguns and SMGs, and you're near a drop, you can head over to where the DMR or KAR98k Blueprint is and snag that to pump some variety into your load-out.

So to find specific Blueprints, certain areas in Warzone drop specific Blueprints across Rebirth Island, which helps to avoid the risk of getting the same class weapon again and again. To find them, here is the list of all locations, accompanied by an awesome map from Reddit user u/ohhAtaraxia.

All the blueprints on Rebirth Island.
All the blueprints on Rebirth Island. / Courtesy of u/ohhAtaraxia

All Warzone Blueprint Locations

1.AMAX: Living Quarters, Shadow Realm,
2. Bullfrog: Chemical Engineering, Silent Death
3. Buren: Spoiled Rotten, Top Prison
4. DMR: Tents Wall Piercing Strike
5. FFAR: Great Emperor, Shoreline Bunker
6. HDR: Feral, Water Tower
7. Kar98k (MW): The Tower, Lighthouse Tower
8. Kilo 141: Homecoming, Nova 6 Basement
9. MAC-10: Cross Multiply, Bottom Control
10. MP5 (MW): Buzzkiller, Tents
11. Nailgun: Puncture Wound, Prison Yard
12. R9-0: Krakatoa, Chemical Engineering
13. Stoner: Denominator, Bio Basement
14. Streetsweeper: Brutalizer, Prison Cells
15. Swiss K31: Stronghold Tower, Wake Up Call