Where to Find the Roller Coaster in Borderlands 3

Where do you find the roller coaster in Borderlands 3? It's an interesting question on multiple levels.

Lately, it seems there's been a recent trend in shooters of developers providing mini scavenger hunts for their players to keep them occupied in between bursts of action. It seems the developers of Borderlands 3 took this idea to a whole new level, as they've hidden an entire roller coaster somewhere in the game.

The roller coaster is one of many hidden features in Borderlands 3, so it can be easy to miss when looking for other attractions such as the microbrewery or the Mines of Moria.

Where to find the roller coaster in Borderlands 3

To find the roller coaster, players are going to have to head over to the Splinterlands. The Splinterlands are a late-game area in the main story where you're tasked with going on a rescue mission, so it's common for players to miss the coaster on their first trip through there. As you navigate through the Splinterlands, you might notice some parts of the roller coaster peaking through the rest of the Pandoran wreckage.

Upon returning to the Splinterlands without a specific task to do, head over to a stairwell near the center of the area. After fighting off a couple of enemies, the Roller Coaster will be at the top of the stairs. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of Gearbox