Where to Find the Taker's Cameo in Elden Ring

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Need to find the Taker's Cameo in Elden Ring? We've got you covered.

Elden Ring features a huge variety of Talismans that offer players some extra perks to aid their combat. Some effects are simple, others more unique. Whichever Talisman you're after, you usually need to be prepared to put in some work to get them. Some can be found, and others you'll need to take down a particular enemy in order to earn its rewards.

The Taker's Cameo has a particularly handy effectas it restores a player's health for every enemy they defeat. The effect makes this Talisman pretty effective in areas with high enemy density.

So, how can you get hold of it for yourself?

Taker's Cameo Location in Elden Ring

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For such a useful Talisman, finding the Taker's Cameo requires players to go through a few steps. It's given as a reward by Tanith, in Volcano Manor, after completing the third letter quest.

To do so, players will need to head to the Mountaintops of the Giants. Here, they'll invade and defeat Juno Hoslow, Knight of Blood - a hostile NPC. Players will find his invade rune in the northern region of Mountaintops of the Giants, east of Shack of the Lofty.

Juno Hoslow drops the following items upon defeat:

  • Rune Arc
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
  • Hoslow's Petal Whip
  • Hoslow's Helm
  • Hoslow's Armor
  • Hoslow's Gauntlets
  • Hoslow's Greaves

He also gives the Hoslow's Oath gesture on first encounter.

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