Where to Find Valberry in Genshin Impact

Valberry is a Mondstadt specialty in Genshin Impact found only in certain locations. Not only does it look delicious, it's a material used to ascend certain characters, so it's important to know how to gather them.

Valberries are used to ascend Lisa, Noelle, and Rosaria. If you're leveling up these characters, you'll need Valberries, which are relatively easy to farm. Here's a guide for where to find every Valberry plant in Mondstadt.

Where to find Valberry in Genshin Impact

Farming for Valberries is relatively simple, because they are highly concentrated in one area of Mondstadt: Stormbearer Mountains. If you take a walk through Stormbearer Mountains and make your way up to Stormbearer Point, you'll quickly run into lots of Valberry plants.

Here is a screenshot from the official Teyvat interactive map, with the location of every Valberry plant.

Genshin Impact Valberry locations
Valberry locations / Photo courtesy of miHoYo

Each Valberry plant represents four Valberries you can collect, so you'll have lots of them in no time. If you have Klee, try adding her to your party as you look for Valberries. Her passive displays Mondstadt local specialties on the mini-map, making it easier to locate the Valberry plants.

You can also purchase Valberries from Chloris, a wandering NPC in the Windrise area, who will sell you five Valberries for 1,000 Mora each.

If your character doesn't use Valberries to ascend, check out some of our other local specialty guides, like where to find Cor Lapis or how to get Sakura Blooms.