Where to Find Wisps for Pokemon Legends: Arceus Request 22

We’ve put together a handy guide on where all the wisps are hiding for Pokemon Legends: Arceus Request 22.
We’ve put together a handy guide on where all the wisps are hiding for Pokemon Legends: Arceus Request 22. / Nintendo, The Pokemon Company

We’ve put together a handy guide on where all the wisps are hiding for Pokemon Legends: Arceus Request 22.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Wisp Locations

For reader convenience, we’ve broken down the full list into specific regions. Each region has a varying number of Wisps hidden around different points of interest. There are 107 in total—the exact number mentioned in Spiritomb’s PokeDex description.

Jubilife Village (5)

  1. Behind the Training Field building
  2. Behind the Galaxy Team building on the east side
  3. In the alley to the west of Craftworks
  4. West of the Farm
  5. In the middle of the housing development in the southwestern quadrant

Obsidian Fieldlands (20)

  1. Lake Verity
  2. Northwest of Aspiration Hill
  3. West of Grueling Grove
  4. Southeast of Grueling Grove, around the plateau bend
  5. Worn Bridge
  6. East of Deertrack Path
  7. Slightly southwest of Deertrack Path, across the river
  8. South of Deertrack Heights camp
  9. West of Deertrack Heights camp
  10. On the small island south of Windswept Ruins
  11. Between Tidewater Dam and Nature’s Pantry
  12. Northeast of Obsidian Falls, across the river
  13. Between Obsidian Falls and Oreburrow Tunnel
  14. East of Oreburrow Tunnel, across the River
  15. Sandgem Flats
  16. Southern Ramanas Island
  17. Slightly southeast of Ramanas Island, across the river
  18. East of Tidewater Dam, across the river
  19. The Heartwood
  20. Southwest of the Heartwood

Crimson Mirelands (20)

  1. North of Cloudpool Ridge
  2. East of Cloudpool Ridge
  3. South of Cloudpool Ridge
  4. West of Shrouded Ruins
  5. Diamond Settlement
  6. Mouth of Lake ValorS
  7. Southeast of Solaceon Ruins
  8. Northwest of Bolderoll Slope
  9. East of Bolderoll Slope
  10. Directly south of Golden Lowlands
  11. Southeast of Golden Lowlands
  12. North of Cottonsedge Prairie
  13. West of Cottonsedge Prairie, across the river
  14. East of Cottonsedge Prairie
  15. East of Droning Meadow
  16. South of Gapejaw Bog
  17. Northwest of Holm of Trails, across the river
  18. Holm of Trials
  19. South of Ursa’s Ring, across the river
  20. Southeast of Ursa’s Ring

Cobalt Coastlands (20)

  1. Firespit Island
  2. On the small island south of Firespit Island
  3. Northeast of Firespit Island, in the ocean
  4. Northwest of Molten Arena, in the ocean
  5. Spring Path
  6. East of Spring Path
  7. North of Islespy Shore
  8. Southeast of Islespy Shore
  9. Southeast of Islespy Shore, further than the one prior
  10. South of Veilstone Cape
  11. South of Windbreak Strand
  12. West of Gingko Landing
  13. East of Crossing Slope
  14. East of Aipom Hill
  15. Directly north of Tranquility Cove, on the adjacent curved island
  16. West of Deadwood Haunt
  17. Southeast of Hideaway Bay
  18. Sand’s Reach
  19. Slightly northeast of Sand’s Reach
  20. Tombolo Walk

Coronet Highlands (21)

  1. Moonview Arena
  2. East of Sacred Plaza camp
  3. South of Sacred Plaza
  4. Southeast of Sacred Plaza
  5. Primeval Grotto
  6. North of Primeval Grotto
  7. Bolderoll Ravine
  8. East of Bolderoll Ravine
  9. South of Celestica Trail
  10. East of Fabled Spring
  11. Slightly southeast of Fabled Spring, across the river
  12. East of Ancient Quarry
  13. Between Ancient Quarry and Heavensward Lookout, on the island
  14. Between Ancient Quarry and Heavensward Lookout, across the river
  15. Inside the tunnels near Heavensward Lookout
  16. Further inside the tunnels near Heavensward Lookout
  17. Southeast of Loney Spring camp, across the river
  18. Southeast of Wayward Wood
  19. Northeast of Sonorous Cliffs
  20. Clamberclaw Cliffs
  21. South of Clamberclaw Cliffs

Alabaster Icelands (21)

  1. Northeast of Lake Acuity
  2. Further east of the prior wisp, northeast of Lake Acuity
  3. Mouth of Lack Acuity
  4. East of Glacier Terrace
  5. North of Avalugg’s Legacy camp
  6. South of Pearl Settlement
  7. Northeast of Pearl Settlement, in the valley
  8. West of Avalugg’s Legacy
  9. Southeast of Avalugg’s Legacy
  10. Further east of the prior wisp, southeast of Avalugg’s Legacy
  11. Caves beneath Avalugg’s Legacy
  12. Directly south of Heart’s Crag
  13. Southeast of Heart’s Crag
  14. Northwest of Arena’s Approach
  15. Northeast of Arena’s Approach
  16. Southeast of Arena’s Approach, over the ridge
  17. South of Avalanche Slopes, follow the valley
  18. East of Avalanche Slopes, at the top of the peak
  19. West of Bonechill Wastes
  20. Whiteout Valley
  21. East of Whiteout Valley camp