Where to Get Katashiro in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Image courtesy of Tango Gameworks/Bethesda

Katashiro are important items in Ghostwire: Tokyo and you're going to want to know where to find more.

Katashiro are traditional Japanese paper dolls, and in Ghostwire: Tokyo they become important items that allow the player to absorb souls. Doing so nets players a nice amount of XP and money. Players will spot these souls all over Tokyo, being prompted to absorb them when discovered.

Because of this, the player will be given a handful of Katashiro to begin with, but to make things more efficient you're going to want more. Once you've filled up your set amount of Katashiro with souls, you'll need to go an deposit them at a Phone Booth. So, if you don't want to keep going backwards and forward, here's how you can get your hands on some more Katashiro.

How to Get More Katashiro in Ghostwire: Tokyo

The main way to get hold of more Katashiro in Ghostwire: Tokyo is to purchase them from the various shops found in the game's world. They're run by peculiar cat spirits, known as Nekomata. These Katashiro can come with a high price, but they're worth it to save you some time and increase the amount of souls you can absorb at once.

There are some Nekomata who will ask the player to search for particular collectibles. Doing so can sometimes carry the reward of a Katashiro, so it's certainly worth paying these little cats a visit.

Absorbing souls into Katashiro is a great way to earn XP in Ghostwire: Tokyo, so getting your hands on more Katashiro will only serve you well in the longrun.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is available now on the PlayStation 5 and Windows PC.