Where to Get Log Stakes Animal Crossing: New Horizons

A villagers work is never done!
A villagers work is never done! / Nintendo

Where to get Log Stakes Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a popular question many are wondering post-release. It's one of the easier and less complicated DIY recipes that the player can learn.

The recipe for Log Stakes is one of the very first recipes the player will be given. As such, it is one of the fundamental building blocks for construction and other necessary island improvement projects the player will be tasked with going forward. It comes in especially handy when trying to make more land accessible to villagers.

Where to Get Log Stakes Animal Crossing: New Horizons

To get the recipe for Log Stakes, players need to give Tom Nook two creatures from the island. Any two creatures will do as long as they are unique from each other. In return, Nook will gift you the recipe for Log Stakes.

The recipe only requires three wood and, in exchange, the player will receive three medium-sized logs to be used for various purposes.

Their first use is actually building a bridge for players to open up the rest of their island to villagers. The "Bridge Construction Kit" can be obtained from Nook after opening the first level of his store—Nook's Cranny—and inviting additional villagers to come live on the island.

The player will need four Log Stakes, which means they'll need about 12 pieces of wood.

DIY recipes can also be found in bottles or be gifted by villagers for the additional island players who didn't have Nook's creature quest.