Where to Purchase a Ship in Starfield

Grav jumping in Starfield.
Grav jumping in Starfield. / Bethesda Game Studios

As you might have guessed, ships are essential to a space RPG, especially one as massive as Starfield. Without a shuttle, there's no way for players to properly explore everything the Settled Systems has to offer.

Players are given a ship upon starting the game, but eventually they'll want to upgrade. Finding where to get ships might be a challenging task, given how expansive the universe is. Some NPCs are key to gaining new ships easily.

Where to Purchase a Ship in Starfield

Like houses in Starfield, ships are available in the main cities of the game. To buy one, you'll have to find a Ship Services Technician. Usually, you'll see them standing on a landing pad upon arriving in a city. These workers also tend to be near Trade Authority Kiosks. Sometimes, they'll be inside buildings, too. These Technicians also allow players to repair or customize a ship.

Make sure you have enough credits. New ships come at a hefty price in Starfield. The cheapest costs about 50,000 credits, while the most expensive are around 500,000. You can always steal one, but the criminal lifestyle isn't for everyone.

If stealing isn't your preferred method of getting a ship, buy one in any of these cities:

  • New Atlantis City 
  • Akila City 
  • Cydonia
  • Gagarin
  • New Homestead
  • Hopetown
  • Neon City
  • Paradiso
  • Red Mile
  • The Eleos Retreat
  • The Key
  • Stroud-Eklund Staryard
  • Deimos Staryard

Starfield is available on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Windows, and Steam for $69.99.