Where to Ram a Snowman With a Vehicle in Fortnite

Image courtesy of Epic Games

Here's how to find where to ram a snowman with a vehicle in Fortnite.

A new challenge has unfolded as part of this year's Winterfest event in Fortnite. Sgt. Winter has tasked players with using a vehicle to destroy a snowman, and luckily one shouldn't be too hard to find. You can just jump in a vehicle and drive around until you find one, which is likely the more popular method, or you can use our guide to head straight to where you need to go.

This quest is pretty easy to complete, and will net you a tidy sum of XP as well as help you on your way to earning some exclusive rewards. Here's what you need to know.

Where to Ram a Snowman With a Vehicle in Fortnite

The easiest place to complete this challenge is Greasy Grove. Not only will you be able to find a vehicle fairly quickly, but there'll be a collection of snowmen waiting to be mowed down towards the southern part of town. Of course, Greasy Grove is a fairly hot location, so be prepared to defend yourself if needed. Look for a small basketball court. In there, you'll spot a few snowmen.

If Greasy Grove isn't ideal then try heading to a small lake straight west of Sanctuary. It can be found just after the ground starts to transition from grass to snow. Check the surrounding area for a vehicle (there's a gas station to the south that should have some) and then drive back to knock down a snowman.

You'll only need to take out one snowman to complete this challenge so you should have no problem getting this one done in a single match.