Where Winds Meet Release Date Information

Courtesy of Everstone Games

The release of Where Winds Meet was announced during Gamescon 2022 during the opening night showcase. Where Winds Meet is a new open-world action RPG game steeped in Chinese history and mythology with martial arts combat system. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming release.

Where Winds Meet Release Date Information

At the moment, there is no release date available for Where Winds Meet. The only information shared during the announcement was the trailer of the video game. The game is being developed to be available for PC players, and there will be an open beta test planned later this year.

Based on the footage of the trailer and the beta being released later this year, Where Winds Meet is most likely to be released in early 2023. Currently, Where Winds Meet is set to be a PC-only game, but more platforms could be announced in the future.

Where Winds Meet is set during the beginning of the Northern Song Dynasty period of Chinese history, at the end of the 10th century C.E. Players will take on the role of a wandering swordsman during this age of war and conflict. Players must decide between upholding their moral code or giving into a world of blade and blood.

Where Winds Meet is the first game from Everstone Studios, supported by NetEase Games. NetEase is a Chinese game company that owns studios such as Suda 51’s Grasshopper Manufacturer. Everstone Studios also partners with Blizzard to operate Chinese versions of games like Overwatch and Diablo Immortal.