Which is Better in Pokemon GO: Galarian Rapidash or Kanto Rapidash?

Today, we'll be comparing the region-specific forms of Rapidash: Galar versus Kanto.
Today, we'll be comparing the region-specific forms of Rapidash: Galar versus Kanto. / Niantic Labs

Today, we'll be comparing the region-specific forms of Rapidash: Galar versus Kanto.

Rapidash was originally released in the Kanto region and actually joined the team of Indigo League trainer, Ash Ketchum, for a short period of time. In later saw a secondary release in the Galar region with a brand new look and new type, as well. In the Kanto region, this Pokemon is best known for its blazing mane and tail which often leave a trail of wildfire behind it as it reaches speeds up to 150 mph. In Galar, Rapidash behaves akin to a traditional unicorn, with the majority of its power being stored in its horn rather than its flowing locks.

Pokemon GO: Galarian Rapidash vs Kanto Rapidash

Like all region-specific forms in Pokemon GO, both Pokemon share the same stats and CP threshold. These are:

  • Maximum CP: 2782
  • Maximum HP: 149
  • Attack: 207
  • Defense: 162
  • Stamina: 163

Additionally, both evolve from their own corresponding Ponyta using 50 candies. The only true difference between the forms is their typing, which we will explain below. Each region has been sorted into its own subheading.

Galarian Rapidash

Galarian Rapidash is a dual fairy and psychic-type, much like Hoenn's Gardevoir. This means it is vulnerable to poison, ghost, and steel-types, but is strong against other psychic-types with double the resistance to fighting and dragon-type moves.

Its best moveset contains the quick move Psycho Cut and charged move Psychic.

Kantonian Rapidash

Kantonian Rapidash is a pure fire-type with vulnerabilities to ground, rock, and water-types and resistance to bug, steel, fire, grass, ice, and fairy-type attacks.

Its best moveset contains the quick move Fire Spin and the charged move Fire Blast.

Galarian Rapidash vs Kanto Rapidash: Which is Better?

When it comes to region-specifics, since the two typically share so many similarities, we need to look at their utility, instead. This is typically measured by how well the perform in battle and whether or not they can be easily substituted.

Using this metric, we can say that Galarian Rapidash reigns supreme over its Kanto counterpart. While still powerful in its own right, a fire-type Rapidash is swiftly and easily beaten by the numerous other fire-types available for trainers to choose from in Pokemon GO. With choices such as Entei, Charizard, and Reshiram in-game, it's hard to look at Rapidash and place it among the top tiers of the group.

Meanwhile, Galarian Rapidash occupies a similar niche to Gardevoir with its dual psychic and fairy-type mix. It isn't as powerful or widely used as Gardevoir, be can be a decent runner-up in a pinch. Dual-typing wins again with its long list of resistances.