Which Lost Ark Server Should I Join?

Image courtesy of Smilegate RPG

Choosing a server in Lost Ark is a big decision, so which Lost Ark server should you join?

Equally, if not more, important than establishing your identity in Lost Ark is choosing which server to join. Currently, it isn't possible to move your character from one server to another, so getting it right the first time is that much more necessary.

With plenty of servers to choose from, it might be hard to come to a conclusive decision. Players need to consider which server will better suit their style of play. Additionally, if you've got friends planning to choose one in particular, it can't hurt to stick by them.

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the right server. Below, we've detailed what you'll need to keep in mind when making a decision.

Which Lost Ark Server Should I Join?

First to consider is your location. If you're playing in East North America, there are a number of dedicated servers for this region: Azena, Una, Regulus, Avesta, Galatur, Karta, Ladon, and Kharmine. In North America, the main language you'll encounter will no doubt be English, and while languages of all types will be spoken across all servers, there will likely be a majority depending on which server you choose.

The population of certain servers is an important factor to consider, depending on how you like to play your MMOs. If you're looking for a more lively playerbase, choosing the most popular server is a surefire way to get more interactions. Of course, crowded servers are more likely to get full, meaning you could face potential queues at peak times. Opting for less-populated servers could ensure that there's always a space for you no matter when you log on. It can also be a little less chaotic.

There's also the factor of PvE to consider. Certain servers will be more suited for players who enjoy PvE or PvP, with particular guilds favoring these servers because of this aspect.

Before making a decision, it's good to check the status of each server so you can get an idea for how popular each one is. Be sure to do a little forum research in community hubs, like Reddit, to get a better feel for each server.