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Which New TFT Units Might be the Strongest in Set 7.5: Uncharted Realms

Courtesy of Riot Games

TFT players might be wondering what the strongest units could be when Set 7.5: Uncharted Realms goes live. This is all speculative, since units in the PBE are adjusted nearly ever day. This is going off of past trends and what types of units Riot seems to prefer to keep strong.

Which New TFT Units Might be the Strongest in Set 7.5: Uncharted Realms


He was incredibly powerful in Set 7: Dragonlands and there's no reason to believe that anything will change now. He still stuns most of the enemy team which will always be insanely useful utility regardless of what the meta comps are or even what comp you place him in. Add on the fact that Set 7.5 introduced even more high-cost units thus making Bard's doots even more useful and he should continue to dominate this set.


One of the new dragons in Set 7.5: Uncharted Realms, Zippy is my pick to be the most consistently dominant throughout the lifespan of the set. My reasoning is twofold. First, he seems like a solid tank unit for only six gold made all the more unkillable with items like Warmong's and Bramble Vest. Second, Guild remained consistently strong throughout Set 7 due to its extreme versatility and I see no reason for that to change.


This pick is relative to her cost as a one-star unit. Her Lagoon and Mage traits make her an insanely useful early game unit regardless of her balance at any given time. Despite her ability being fairly standard and prone to nerfs, given how useful she is in many early game comps, I can easily see her becoming what Ezreal was for most of the previous set. This is especially true given that hitting an early 3 Mage is now even easier to hit than previously in Set 7.