Which Pokemon are Ice Type in Pokemon GO? Pokemon GO features Pokemon through the fourth Generation, and with almost 500 Pokemon in the game, it's hard to keep track of them all. Ice type Pokemon are strong and useful against many Bosses in the game, so let's a take a look at this type.

Ice type Pokemon only resist other Ice type Moves, and are weak to Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel type moves. Despite having a fairly large number of weaknesses, Ice type moves are strong against Grass, Ground, Flying, and Dragon type Pokemon.

Ice type Pokemon are incredibly useful against Legendary Raids, as most Legendaries are Flying or Dragon type. For example, Rayquaza is Flying/Dragon, meaning Ice attacks are doubly super effective.

Which Pokemon are Ice Type in Pokemon GO?

Here are all the Ice type Pokemon in Pokemon GO, along with any dual Typings.


Generation 1

Dewgong (Water/Ice)
Cloyster (Water/Ice)
Jynx (Ice/Psychic)
Lapras (Ice/Water)
Articuno (Ice/Flying)
Alolan Vulpix (Ice/Fairy)
Alolan Ninetales (Ice)
Alolan Sandshrew (Ice/Steel)
Alolan Sandslash (Ice/Steel)


Generation 2

Sneasel (Ice/Dark)
Swinub (Ice/Ground)
Piloswine (Ice/Ground)
Delibird (Ice/Flying)
Smoochum (Ice/Psychic)


Generation 3

Snorunt (Ice)
Glalie (Ice)
Spheal (Ice/Water)
Sealeo (Ice/Water)
Walrein (Ice/Water)
Regice (Ice)


Generation 4

Snover (Ice/Grass)
Abomasnow (Ice/Grass)
Weavile (Ice/Dark)
Glaceon (Ice)
Mamoswine (Ice /Ground)
Froslass (Ice/Ghost)

The best Ice type Pokemon are Weavile and Mamoswine. Weavile has useful typing, as also being a Dark type means it is good against Psychic type Pokemon. Besides Dragon and Flying, many Legendary Pokemon are Psychic type as well. Mamoswine just has ridiculously buff stats, making it among the best in the game in general.

Raising a powerful Ice type Pokemon will help you take on the powerful Raid Bosses. It would be wise for all players to have strong Ice type Pokemon for their Raiding parties.

Photo courtesy of Niantic.