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White Iron Chunk Genshin Impact: How to Get

courtesy of miHoYo

In Genshin Impact, White Iron Chunk is a common mineral found all over Teyvat.

White Iron Chunk is common and is used widely in game. It is mainly used to craft weapons and furniture. It covers a huge range of item crafting, so it is a good idea to start collecting ores while you are out adventuring.

Here is a small tip for mining in Genshin Impact: use claymore chracters to do more damage to minerals.

White Iron Chunk Genshin Impact

As mentioned earlier, White Iron Chunk is one of the most common minerals in Genshin Impact. It is found all over Teyvat from Mondstadt to Liyue. The Genshin Impact Interactive Map shows all locations for White Iron Chunk.

Here are the two best locations to farn. At these locations, you will find a lot of white Iron Chunks. One of the left is the south east of Mondstadt Castle. One on the right is between Wuwang Hill and Dawn Winery.