Who is Gregory in FNAF Security Breach?

A better question might be: "what is Gregory in FNAF Security Breach?"
A better question might be: "what is Gregory in FNAF Security Breach?" / Steel Wool Studios

Fans might be wondering, who is Gregory in FNAF Security Breach? A better question might be: "what is Gregory in FNAF Security Breach?"

For the uninitiated, Five Night's At Freddy's: Security Breach has a single playable protagonist: Gregory, the mysterious child with no history and no records. The vagueness of this character and the game in its entirety has left fans digging for every secret and/or clue they can find about him. As a result, several theories have cropped up about his identity and importance in the game.

This article will have spoilers for the final ending(s) of the game as well as several fan theories that spoil other installments in the franchise. For that reason, we recommend those who don't want to be spoiled come back at their convenience.

Gregory in FNAF Security Breach

First, let's go over what the game confirms—or, at least, implies—about Gregory.

Gregory is, for all intents and purposes, homeless. The one-star ending of the game confirms this where, following his escape from the Pizza Plex, Gregory makes his way to an alley and sleeps in a cardboard box. It's unknown if this is truly his "home" or if it's simply the closest shelter he can find. Nevertheless, this ending doesn't keep him—or any other local children—safe from Vanny for long.

Still, it is heavily implied that he is very much on his own. According to Vanessa, there is no record of Gregory or his past, and it's likely he snuck into the Pizza Plex on his own—though the reasons are obscure.

It's also implied that Gregory is curious and/or independently investigating the string of disappearances having to do with the Pizza Plex. Some instances of the game allude to him living in the Pizza Plex or intending to do so. After all, several arcade machines bear an abbreviated version of his name, spelled "GGY," on the leaderboard. However, if this was the case, why would he be so eager to get outside? These instances could also be Vanny or another unnamed individual taking up residence in the building.

Now, onto some fan theories.

Fans have reason to believe that Gregory isn't fully human. The idea of animatronic children has appeared in the series before, namely in the novels—though they admittedly don't have much crossover with the games. This is backed by Freddy sensing something "wrong" with Gregory, Gregory's missing profile, visual glitching when around Vanny, and uncanny mechanical knowledge such as driving and jumpstarting Glamrock Freddy with a car battery. Some even propose the reason he wears band-aids is to hide paint imperfections or unsightly damage to his exoskeleton.

Another theory suggests Gregory and Freddy have met before—though where and how is up for debate. New unused dialogue options datamined from the game have Freddy state that he remembers Gregory on some level.

"Gregory," he says, "I know why you are not in the customer database... I remember you..."

Some suggest this means he is the true Patient 46 and/or could have something to do with Glamrock Bonnie's disappearance—though many believe Monty is the true culprit for whatever reason. During the introductory cutscene, just before he shuts down, Freddy does notice a "high level" threat supposedly in the shape of a child. Could this be Gregory?

Unfortunately, we won't be able to confirm much more until more information comes out from Steel Wool Studios.