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Who is Isolde in League of Legends?

Viego mourning the death of Isolde, surrounded by Ruination
Viego mourning the death of Isolde, surrounded by Ruination / Riot Games

Who is Isolde in League of Legends? Whenever a new name pops up, many players get excited at the prospect of a new champion. But who exactly is this character, and can you expect to find him in the game anytime soon? Here's everything you need to know:

Who is Isolde in League of Legends?

Isolde is a name some lore readers might already be familiar with, as she is the wife of the Ruined King, Viego.

Isolde was the premiere seamstress from the now lost-to-time kingdom of Camavor, the land Viego ruled over, falling in love with Isolde and promoting her to queen.

Viego was enamored with Isolde, and the matters of the kingdom fell to the wayside, resulting in an attempted coup and assassination on Viego. In the process, Isolde was accidently harmed with the poisoned dagger, a weapon planned to be used on Viego.

What follows was an event known as the Ruination, leaving hell in Viego's wake as he remains tortured and distraught at the sight of his dear Isolde dying. After the Ruination, Isolde's soul was split into scattered fragments around Runeterra.

Isolde's Impact

One of Isolde's fragments possessed her old doll Gwen, turning the doll alive into a sentient human. imbuing her with sewing magic. Gwen does not know Isolde by name, instead absorbing the memories of Isolde and Viego.

Isolde's ties to the greater Shadow Isles lore runs deep, greatly impacting Senna's origin, the story of Hecarim, Kalista, and woven other plots we have yet to see.

The web of plotlines sewn together make the thought of a Shadow Isles starting zone in the planned Runeterra/League of Legends MMO very exciting!

There is no evidence Isolde will be a playable character in League of Legends anytime soon, so fans will have to simply enjoy the lore!