Who is on the Cover of NHL 23?

Who is on the Cover of NHL 23?
Who is on the Cover of NHL 23? / EA Sports

NHL 23 releases to the public on Oct. 14, with the new game about to launch, players might be wondering who is on the cover.

EA Sports releases a new NHL game each year, last year NHL 22 released with Toronto Maple Leafs star Auston Matthews on the cover. This year, a different set of players will grace the cover.

With the Colorado Avalanche winning the Stanley Cup, someone on their team would make sense for the cover. Someone from the Tampa Bay Lightning would also make sense. Their team had won back to back Stanley Cups, and went to three straight finals. EA Sports decided to think outside the box.

EA Sports has a pair of players on the cover of the game this year Trevor Zegras and Sarah Nurse. Zegras is a star player for the Anaheim Ducks who really took his game to the national level last season with some highlight reel goals.

Who is on the Cover of NHL 23?

Sarah Nurse is a forward on the Canadian National Team. She had the most points scored in a single Olympic hockey tournament in 2022 and captured a silver medal with Canada in the 2018 Olympics.

This is the first time that EA Sports has had a woman on an NHL cover, and Nurse shared her thoughts with ESPN on the move after it was announced.

They asked me if I wanted to be on the cover of NHL 23 and I was like, 'Sure, if you like me, I would love to be a part of that. I think that it would be super awesome.'

Sarah Nurse

The standard edition of NHL 23 will be available for everyone to play on Oct. 14. The X-Factor Edition is available now on all consoles.