Who Qualified for the Fortnite World Cup?

Who qualified for the Fortnite World Cup? There will be plenty of more qualifiers as there are 10 weeks of qualifiers for the finals. But there have been some names that qualified. You'd be surprised to see that many of the big names did not make it.

Names like Ninja and Tfue didn't make it.

Who Qualified for the Fortnite World Cup?

Here are the listed names for Solos:

E11 Stompy, TOP_FaxFox, slаyа, TQ Prisi0n3r0, NRG benjуfishу, hREDS BELAEU, Gambit.letw1k3, LDLC Nayte, S2V DiegoGB, TrainH DRG, QUASAR leleo, SEN Bughа, Dubs fn, Ghost Bizzle, TSM_Comadon, LILIILLIILILIIII, 100T Ceice, snоw xd, and Liquid Riversan.

The duos winners are listed above.

Here is the prize breakdown for each place even though only the first place winners from each region qualify for the World Cup finals.

  • First: $5,000
  • Second: $4,000
  • Third: $3,000
  • Fourth: $2,500
  • Fifth: $2,250
  • Sixth: $2,000
  • Seventh: $1,750
  • Eighth: $1,500
  • Ninth: $1,250
  • Tenth: $1,000

Photo courtesy of Epic Games